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Teachings from Rabbi David Levine and Beth Israel Messianic Synagogue in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Anointed Priest in the books of Leviticus and Hebrews

March 15, 2008

Rabbi David Levine

Yom Shabbat, Saturday, March 15, 2008

Parsha: VaYikra ~ Leviticus 1:1–6:7 Haftarah: Isaiah 43:21–44:23  with Hebrews 8-9

Leviticus introduces us to HaCohen HaMashiach, the Anointed Priest. The Book of Hebrews explains that Yeshua is the anointed high priest of Israel’s New Covenant. Rabbi David’s message discusses the importance of Yeshua’s New Covenant priestly ministry, and how it is similar and how it is different from the Levitical priesthood.